Mrs. Oldenburg

Virtual Schoolhouse Learning:


FINAL Optional Science Activity #9

I hope that this message finds you and your families well and also excited to be officially moving into summer break! Please see below for updates!

1. Student Item/Medicine Pick Up: This is happening THIS WEEK! Please click here for STUDENT ITEM PICK UP and here for MEDICINE PICK UP.

2. Work for this week:  I will not be assigning any "new" work this week. 

3. Final Zoom meetingWe are meeting together at 9:30am on Thursday, June 11 for a final farewell. Invite information was just emailed to you. 


Instructional Block Review Activity #8

Science instructional block time is every Thursday 8:30-10 am

*There will be no Zoom chat this week.           Week of: 6/1/2020    

**Stay tuned for next weeks Zoom chat. We will be doing a special farewell Zoom Chat in which I hope to meet with each class individually so everyone can say a special goodbye!

Standard:PS.8, PS.9 – Waves, Sound, and Light

Concepts: Wavelength, Frequency, Speed, Amplitude, Rarefaction, Compression, Resonance, Longitudinal Wave, Crest, Trough, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction, Interference, Transverse Wave, Concave, Convex, Converging, Diverging

BrainPop Username: benton Password: cougar

*If you complete brainpop quizzes be sure you email me your results.

Optional Assignments:

1. BrainPop Video & Quiz on Waves

2. BrainPop Video & Quiz on Sound

3. BrainPop Video & Quiz on Light

4. BrainPop Video & Quiz on Electromagnetic Spectrum

5. BrainPop Video & Quiz Refraction & Diffraction

6. Go to

1-Go to Students and join “Properties of Light” by entering this code:  XTNWK (this is capitalized)

2-Go to Students and join “Longitudinal Waves” by entering this code:  JQRVK (this is capitalized)

3- Go to Students and join “Waves: Matching Pairs” by entering this code:  IGDOH (this is capitalized)

**Keep in mind to enter your true name into Nearpod when you begin so I am able to see and document exactly who is doing our optional weekly work.                              

Have a great week! Feel free to email me if you need anything!



Instructional Block Review Activity #7

Science instructional block time is every Thursday 8:30-10 am

*There will be no Zoom chat this week.     Week of: 5/26/2020

Standard: PS.7 – Thermal Energy & Heat

Concepts: Temperature, Heat, Thermal Energy, Celsius, Kelvin, Absolute Zero, Phase Change, Freezing Point, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Vaporization, Condensation, Heat Transfer, Conduction, Convection, Radiation

Optional Assignments:

1. Video on the difference between heat and temperature

2. Video on Absolute Zero

3. Khan Academy Lesson on Conduction, Convection & Radiation

4. IXL Lesson J.1 – How does particle motion affect temperature? **You may need to access through Clever**


Additional Misc. Optional Online Learning Opportunities:

1-Science World (classroom magazine). You can read the articles and do the activities online! You can also explore previous articles. All you need is the classroom code and link, which are below. When you click on the link, click LOG IN, select "I am a Student" and then enter the code. 

Science World Link:

Science World Code: hopewing5564 online videos and quizzes. Science, math, social studies, English (and more) are available here! I am not able to provide the username and password to mass amounts, but I can respond individually to emails who would like to have access. 


3-Jefferson Lab released SOL tests. Content here is science, math and technology.  No username or password is required. 


4-Phet Simulations. The simulations are broken down by grade level and/or category (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science).   No username or password is required.