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Civics and Economics 

  Hello Everyone,
   I hope that you are doing well. Tomorrow is the last day of school and all of you will be headed off to high school. I will miss you and hope that you have lots of success in the future. We will be having our final zoom meeting tomorrow. We will be saying good by and seeing if you have any questions about life. Have a great day and see hopefully see you tomorrow.

  Good Morning Everyone,
 I hope you are doing well. With our final week of school here we are going to have a our normal office hours today 12:00-1:30. I will be emailing those of you have have emailed over the weekend. Also if you need to contact me I can return emails or setup a zoom meeting during my office hours. Also we will be having our final class meeting at the normal time on Friday. Have a great day. 

  Good Morning Everyone,
 Just wanted to post a quick update about todays lesson. We are going to be talking about high school. I will be sharing advice that has been given to me by my former students who have successfully navigated to through high school and beyond. Hopefully see you in class. Have a great day. 

Good Morning Everyone,
  I hope that all of you are doing well. I will have my normal office hours from 12:00 -1:30.  If you need anything or have any question I will be available. I can also set up a zoom meeting as well. Thanks and have a wonderful day.  

Good Morning Everyone,
  I hope that all of you are doing well. We are going to have are class at 9:30 tomorrow. I will be sending out the invitation later today. I have had several students ask me about their Get A Life Projects and if they should turn them in. You do not have to turn them. But if you want to you can. I have really enjoyed reading the ones that students have already sent in. Tomorrow we are going to talking about are next activity. It is going to be letters of advice to the rising middle schoolers. This is the work sheet Letter of Advice.docx This is an activity that I have my students do every year. Most of you have seen the posters I had up in my class room. These were made after my students done this activity. It is usually really fun. Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow. 

 Good Morning Everyone,
   I hope that all of you are doing well. I am uploading the video for this weeks lesson today. This week we are doing the last part of the Get A Life Project. I really enjoyed doing this project with you. I hope that you had as much fun as I did doing it. I will send out the invitation to our class meeting tomorrow. We are going to be doing the same thing that we did last Friday and that is have our class meeting at 9:30. This is the link to the video Get A Life Project: Part 6 
Have a great day. 
Good Morning Everyone,
   I hope that you are doing well. Today is my normal office hours 12:00 - 1:30.
If you need to contact me I will be available to answer immediately. Also if you want during that time I can set up a Zoom meeting. Again my office hours are in case you have any question. Have a great day!

Good Morning Everyone,
  I hope that all you are doing well. This week we are going to talk about buying a car. So please see the below video about that. Thanks and have a great day!

Good Morning Everyone,
  I just wanted to inform everyone that I will not be doing my normal office hours zoom meeting today. I have an appointment so I can't do a Zoom meeting. I should still be able to answer emails immediately though. So if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email. Thanks and look forward to seeing all you guys on Friday when we do are regular Zoom lessons. Have a great day!

Hello Everyone,
  I hope to see you in tomorrow's zoom meetings. But remember that they are optional though. During class we are going to be talking about finding where we want to live for our get a life project. This is the video link to the Get a life project part 3 Have a great day. 

Hello Everyone,
  Just wanted to give a quick update. Today I am going to have my office hours meeting. From 12:00 to 1:00 is going to be infivuduale zoom calls for questions. Then from 1:00-1:30 I  am going to have a open zoom call for student who what to have a group chat. I will send all the info for the meeting out via email. Have a great day!
Hi Everyone,
  I wanted to post the link to the video for this weeks lesson. This week we are going to learn about gross pay vs net pay. Please click the video link.
Video Link
I will send out a link to the zoom meetings by this evening. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Hello Everyone,
  I hope that all you are doing well. Just wanted to give a quick update about what this week will look like. Monday, I have sent all of you the info to my office hours zoom meeting. I will be available today Monday from 12:00 -1:30 via zoom for office hours. Please see the email for more details. 
  Also this week we are going to do the second part of the Get A Life Project. This we are going to be talking about pay and deductions. I hope to have a video posted by Thursday afternoon with the lesson. I will update everyone how we plan to meet later this week. Please remember that all of these activities are optional. Have a great week.

Hey Everyone,
  I really hope all of you are doing well. Just wanted to give a few more details before we try our first class tomorrow.  I am going to be sending our zoom invitations  to each individual class. You must sign in with your full name. I won't allow anyone in whose name I don't recognize. This will be for only 15 minutes. I will have to close the meeting down and move to the next one due to our time constraints. These meeting are really for you guys to ask any questions about what we are doing. I am going to be uploading instructional videos about what we are doing the day before we meet so that you guys can review them if you want before we meet. Again remember that all we are doing is optional. Thanks and hope to see you tomorrow. 
This is the link to tomorrow's lesson.  Get A Life Project Part 1


I hope that all of you are doing well. Sorry for taking so long to get my page updated. I hope everyone has seen the email from Mr. Graczyk with virtual schoolhouse schedule. He has set office hours for each subject and a class time.  The social studies block is Friday's from 8:30 to 10:00. So, my plan is to have zoom meetings 15 minutes for each class.  
This My Purposed Schedule  
3rd 8:45-9:00 
4th 9:00-9:15 
5th 9:15-9:30 
6th 9:30-9:45 
7th 9:45-10:00 
I am going to email out the Zoom information the day before to the individual classes.  
During my office hours on Monday's I am going to have an open Zoom meeting. I will email that information out on Sundays.  

The rule for Zoom meeting is that if you will need to sign in with your real name. I won't allow people in that don't have the name that we used in class. 
Several people have asked us what we are planning to do for the rest of the year. Every year at the end of the school year we do our Get A Life Project.  What we do during this project is to learn a bunch of life skills that will help the student as the go off into high school and beyond. So every week I will have a instructional video explaining how to do the weeks assignment. Then we will use 15 minutes of class time to help student who have questions about the week's assignment. The videos links will be posted here on my class webpage once I figured out the software.  
This is the assignment we will be working on the is posted here Get a Life Project.docx Don't worry about it being 4 pages because we are going to be working on it over the 6 weeks.   
Also remember that this assignment is no mandatory it is optional. Our main goal is for you to take care of yourself and your family during this very strange time. I do really miss all you guy and I hope that all of you are doing well 




Hello, Everyone,

  I hope that all of you are doing well. Please know that during our time away from school myself and all the rest of the BTMS staff will continue to do everything we can to support you during this time. Please feel free to contact me using my school email which is ( I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

  We have been told to no assign any new work for now and only to post materials that will help our student to review the previous lesson and the like. So I have went through and created folders for all the unit we have covered so far in class. I am going to have in the unit study guides and notes. Please feel free to review them if you wish. Also there are links to several review sites along with their passwords posted on the useful link tab.

  Again please feel free to contact me via email. Thanks and look forward to seeing all you around April 14😊

Hello Everyone,
 This is the March Calendar. This week we are going to start talking about economics. The 8th graders have 2 SOL for writing this month. Thanks and have a wonderful day. 
March Calendar

Hello Everyone, 
  We are going to be taking a unit test tomorrow 2-21-2020. This is the study guide for the test CE10 Judicial System Study Guide.pdf . Also below is the is the answer key to unit review test.  

Court Unit Review 1
Court Unit Review 2

Hello Everyone,
Please see the bellow calendar for February. We have a unit test this Thursday  2-6-20. This is the study guide CE5 Study Guide 2015.pdf. Also this month we are going to be learning about the court system. Have a great week. 
Feb 2020


Hello everyone, I am happy to tell you about the opportunity for a small group student to go on a Court Field Trip 2/24/2020. We are only going to be able bring 50 students out of the entire 8th grade class! So once student turn in the essay we are going to pick the top 50 to go the field trip with us. Please see the list of requirements below. 


  • An essay which explains why you feel you deserve to go on the trip (In other words, why should we pick you? Why do you want to go?)
    • At least 2 paragraphs in length (that’s at least 5 sentences each)
    • DEADLINE: February 7
  • Exemplary conduct
    • This is a very serious place of work – we expect nothing but the best in terms of behavior.  You are representing Benton!!
  • Dress Code: Business Formal
    • Men: dress shirts, ties, dress pants, nice shoes
    • Ladies: dresses, professional blouse/slacks, nice shoes
    • NO: flip flops, jeans, sneakers, dress-code-inappropriate attire
  • Cell Phones
    • Cell phones are not allowed on the field trip.  You would leave these in your locker or at home.
  • Lunch
    • You would need to bring a packed lunch as we will be returning to school after all lunches have finished


Hello Everyone,

  This week we are going to be learning more about the American political process. Also student are going to take a quiz 1-22-20. The quiz is on section 5A, B and E. I have a review quiz and attached the study guide. As always student can not retake quizzes. To do the review quizzes you will go to and enter the code 264941. Have a great week.  


Dear Parents and Students,

  We had planned to do our State Government unit test retakes today 12-13-19 but due to the 2 hour delay we are moving the retakes to Monday 12-16-19. For a student to be eligible to retake the must complete the retake sheet and have all their warmups turned in. I have attached all the files that the student will need to retake. The retake sheet, all the warm-ups from this marking that the have to have completed and the study guide. Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend.
Retake Worksheet (Review) 7a-d.docx               7A-D and 8A-C Studyguide.pdf             2nd Marking Period Warm-ups .docx


Hello Everyone,

  I hope that you had a lovely weekend. This week we are going to creating our own counties since we have learned about the structure and responsibilities counties, cities and towns. It is a fun activity that students enjoy creating. Also, this Friday we are a going to be doing retakes for the State Government Unit test. Students took their State Government Unit test on Wednesday the 4th. For a student to retake either part of the test they will need to complete the attached retake sheet and have all their warm-up turned in for this marking period. Thanks, and have a wonderful day. 
This is the retake sheet Retake Worksheet (Review) 7a-d.docx and this is the study guide students can use 7A-D and 8A-C Studyguide.pdf

Bellow is the December Calendar. Please note the two unit test this month State government is 12-4-19 and Local Government 12-18-19.

December 2019

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to remind everyone that we have the State Government Test this Wednesday 12-4-19. I have included a link to study guide 7A-D and 8A-C Studyguide.pdf.

In other new we have a geography bee starting this month, the first round is during our social studies class on 12-16-19 . The I have included the geobee-toolkit.geobee-study-toolkit-2019-2020.pdf   Thanks and have a wonderful day. 

Hello Everyone,
   We have a quiz tomorrow 11-21-19. It covers Federalism and State Government SOL 7A and 7B. Student are reviewing in class today in class. They can also review at home tonight by playing the home work Quizzes they will need to go and enter the code 574863. They can also play some review games at and enter the game codes 12584 and 12883. Also this is  a quiz so there are no retakes. Thanks and have a wonderful day. 

11-12-19 Hello Everyone,
   We have a unit test tomorrow. Student have been given a study guide in class. I have placed a copy of the study guide in the folder. Also I have created 2 quizzes for students review with, they will need to go and enter the codes 646270 and 
382231. These should be very helpful. Have a great day. 

Hello Everyone,
  I hope that you have been enjoying all the holidays we have had this November. Bellow is the November Calendar. Please note the Unit test on the 13 and Quiz 21. Have a great day. 
November Caledar

Hello Everyone,
I hope that you had a wonderful September. Below is the October Learning Calendar. Please review it to see the important dates for the coming up this month. Are only unit test is on the 16th. It covers Constitutional Foundations. 
October 2019

Hello Everyone,
 This is the rubric for the Superhero Project. It is due 10-1-2019

Super Hero Project Rubric


Student has correctly applied the chosen principle                _______/20

Poster is colorful                                                                               _______/10

The Superhero has

Name (related to principle)                                                              ________/10

Symbol on the chest of his/her suit (with explanation)         ________/10

2 powers (with explanation)                                                       ________/20

1 accessory or tool (with explanation)                                      ________/10

Explanation of the crimes he/she fights against on the back ________/20

2-3 sentences

Student Test Link

Hello Everyone!

My name is Mr. Goad. I have been teaching here at Benton for 9 years and now starting my 10th year. I am so excited that you are going to be in my class this year. We are going to have a wonderful year studying Civics and Economics. I can’t wait to meet you on Monday. You will be getting a syllabus next week. Have a great final week of Summer.

This is our September Learning Calendar. You will be getting a hard copy in class.

Text Box: September 2019 8th Grade Civics and Economics Instructional Calendar


Civics Targets







I can give examples of appropriate behavior as expected of me as a PWCS student and describe the consequences.


I can describe how an individual becomes a citizen of the United States


I can summarize and discuss the freedoms guaranteed by the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments


I can distinguish between the duties and responsibilities of American citizens


I can relate the importance of thoughtful and effective participation in civic life to a well-functioning society


I can identify and demonstrate the personal character traits that facilitate thoughtful and effective participation


First Day of School!

-Getting to Know You Activities



-Classroom Policies/Procedures

-Getting to Know You Activities


-Code of Behavior Review


-Code of Behavior Test




Labor Day





-Intro Citizenship

-Citizenship Vocab.



-Sample Cit. Test

-14th Amendment


-1st Amendment Rights and Protections


-1st Amendment Rights and Protections


-5th Amendment Due Process




-Citizenship Quiz


-Citizenship Duties & Responsibilities


-Citizenship Duties & Responsibilities


-Civic Participation


-Civic Participation


-Traits of a good citizen


-Traits of a good citizen activity

-Quizizz Review


-Unit Review foldable


-Citizenship Unit Test


-Constitutional Foundations Vocabulary


-Principles of Government


-Principles of Government


-Principles of Government



Text Box: Vocabulary
Civic life
Due Process