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Beginning 4.14.2020:
Instructional Time: each Tuesday from 8:30-10- Posted in Files and Documents/Continuity for Learning
Office Hours: each Thursday 12-1:30 - I am available via email 

Update 6.08.2020
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Hi everyone!  We are ending the school year with Phase 4. Per PWCS guidance, all work continues to be optional and ungraded. Feedback has also been that families, in general, are receiving too many emails. As such, I am no longer sending out emails with voluntary work for students; I will continue to post activities in the Continuity for Learning folder in the "Files and Documents" section of my webpage.

The assignment for this week is asking you to reflect on how you have grown this year. You can access it here.

I am here to help you; send me an email to get feedback on your work or just to say "hi!"

*Creative Writing will be covered by the student's Language Arts teacher.*

What have we covered this year?  See this document that addresses each standard as taught (X), ongoing, or not yet taught. Please follow this link to that document--> English Standards of Learning Checklist-8Th Grade-Collins 

Review Activities from the earlier PWCS phase have been moved to this pdf.

You are always welcome to send me an email to say "hi!", check-in, or get some help with reading or writing!  working from home


Class Schedule:                                             


Period 1

 Team and IEP Meetings

Period 2

 Team and IEP Meetings

Period 3

  Creative Writing

 Lunch C  

Period 4

  Lang. Arts 8

Period 5

  Lang. Arts 8  w/ Vincent

Period 6

Lang Arts 8   w/ Hwang

Period 7

  Lang Arts 8 w/ Emery

















Students have iXL English Language Arts access. The same program they use to practice math can also provide practice for reading and writing. Click here to see which practice exercises match which SOLs. 

**The "Files and Documents" section contains the following:
-Monthly Learning Target Calendars for our class. Please keep in mind that while a calendar is posted, we may need to make alterations as we work to master skills and content.
-Resources for each Quarter
-Writing SOL Resources--rubrics, graphic organizer, prompts, online activities 

**Useful Links-- A link that correlates the LA SOLs to iXL practice has been posted. A wonderful way for students to continue practicing/strengthening their concept knowledge.

Here is where we left off: 
Week of 3/9  Language Arts-- Students are taking the MC/drag-and-drop portion on Monday and the essay portion on Tuesday. We will then begin our review and preparation for the Reading SOL on May 8th. **Students will have a new routine with context clues. More to come later as we need to see how this week progresses. Students will also review using resource materials such a paper (rather than digital) dictionaries.
                    Creative Writing--Writing SOL on Monday and Tuesday; begin Important Issue Letter Uint on Wednesday.