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June 8th Update
Based on student participation no new optional assignments are being posted at this time. I will continue to send out Amazing Races challenges through June 12th.

7th Grade US History

Previously Assigned Optional Assignments

Due April 23rd Five Themes of Geography on Nearpod. Code IKZPG (the first letter is an I as in igloo not #1)

Due April 30th Exploring the Life of Abraham Lincoln on Nearpod. Code SXTHP
Flocabulary lesson on Reconstruction. Class code ZZKPC6

Due May 7th 
Does Might Make Right? on Nearpod. Code: RVAK
Flocabulary lesson on Urbanization and Industrialization. Class code ZZKPC6 
DocsTeach: Progressive Era Food Regulation
DocsTeach: USS Maine and the Spanish American War

Due May 15th

iCivics Quest on Women's Suffrage and World War I
Flocabulary Susan B Anthony Code ZZKPC6
DocsTeach: Aspects of World War I and the Spanish Flu
DocsTeach: Women’s Suffrage

Due May 21st
DocsTeach: America, Land of Opportunity?
DocsTeach: Examining Child Labor 
Flocabulary: Gilded Age

Due May 28th
DocsTeach: How Did Women Contribute to WWI?
DocsTeach: Food Conservation in WWI 
Flocabulary: World War I 

Due June 5th

Nearpod: The Great Depression  Code RZUBN
Flocabulary: Great Depression  
DocsTeach: The Great Depression
DocsTeach: The Great Depression and the New Deal



8th Grade Civics and Economics

 Previously Assigned Optional Assignments

April 27th
iCivics DBQuest on Founding Documents. 

April 30th
iCivics The Constitution's Cover Letter

May 7th
.org. Lowering the Voting Age.
DocsTeach: Lowering the Voting Age 
Flocabulary The United Nations 

May 14th The Louisiana Purchase: Branching Out. 
DocsTeach: Checks and Balances in Action

May 21st Interest Groups
Flocabulary: Public Safety and Meme

June 5th Community Service.

iCivics Game Odyssey Compete with each other and students around the country! Download the Quest map here. Don't forget to log in using Clever to save your progress!