Louise Benton

Louise A. Benton

July 5, 1906 – January 18, 1988

Louise A. Benton was a wonderful woman who actively pursued her personal goal of public service. She never married, yet was able to adopt and accepted the responsibility of raising her own grandson. In 1960(at the age of 54), Louise A. Benton moved to Hoadly Road, Prince William County from Washington D.C. Her home was located near the current Louise A. Benton Middle school site. Louise worked at the Partridge School, a school for the disabled, in Gainesville. As a single parent, she obtained permission to take in foster children.

Louise took in used clothing, which she washed, mended and then distributed, to the needy families of Prince William County. She tutored students at the Juvenile Detention Home in Math, Reading, and English. At the age of 75, Louise was one of the first to take advantage of the free classes offered at the newly opened Northern Virginia Community College in Manassas. Ms. Benton was recognized for her outstanding work with the troubled youth in Prince William County as a recipient of the “Diana” award. Louise was an active member of the Manassas Women’s Club, Coles District Volunteer Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary, Woodbine Homemakers Extension Club, Prince William Hospital Auxiliary, Church of the Brethren Sewing Circle, League of Women Voters, Coles Baseball League, Garden club, and Woodbine Baptist Church.

After her death, the Juvenile Detention Home planted a tree commemorating her service to the home. The Woodbridge Homemakers club, as well acknowledged Ms. Benton by placing a brick with her name on it at the Manassas Museum. Her foster children, now adults, were instrumental in having her name placed before the school board, as well as the Homemakers Extension Club, for the name of the mid-county middle school. She was considered to be one of the county’s most notable senior citizens.