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NJHS Announcements

Message to prospective new members, update May 19, 2020

  Revised dates announced for application to Benton NJHS! See below!

Invitations to prospective new members both in the rising 8th grade and rising 9th grade were sent out via email today. The application form is due no later than 4:00pm on Tuesday, May 26th, and students will be notified of their selection via email on Friday, June 5. Please read the invitation email carefully to understand how to apply. Students who are selected are expected to participate in a virtual induction ceremony. For rising 9th grade students, this will take place on Wednesday, June 10th, at 6:00pm. For rising 8th grade students, this will take place in the fall at a time still to be determined. 

Message to current members, Update May 19:

Your society faculty sponsors realize that those of you who have not been able to complete your 50 service hours may be anxious about losing your NJHS membership. We want to reassure you that in these extraordinary times, this will not happen. At this time members should turn in their logs as scanned or photographed email attachments to Mrs. Maxson or Mr. Heron, even if they have not completed the 50 hours. We haven't determined the exact schedule for the service award distribution, but rest assured that service awards will be received by members who have earned them.

Action Item for Current Members, March 31, 2020

The NJHS is encouraging all of its members to create an account with the national organization in order to keep in touch now and in future years. To do that, use the link below. Once you have created your account, the national organization will wait for your sponsors to confirm your membership. After that has occurred, your account will become active and you will have access to all the NJHS member functions. You will need the Benton affiliation number, which you can get by emailing Mr. Heron or Mrs. Maxson. 
Create account with national organization 


NJHS Members, watch this space for more activities to earn service hours and help to improve the community!

New service opportunities are arriving constantly, so members should make a habit of looking at this page regularly. Don't miss out on the great things that you can do for and in the community! 

Upcoming Service Opportunities (scroll down so you won't miss any)! 

Note - NJHS members who are not yet 13 need to get permission from their parents before using the signup links.

Things to remember:

Service hours:

We are working toward a yearly goal of 50 hours. Remember to have your activity sponsor's initials and parent's signature on the form before you turn it in. If you forget the sponsor's initials, parents may also initial to verify your attendance. Forms are available in the Files section below.


You must maintain the standards by which you were inducted. 


Maintain a 3.0 cumulative average


Must not receive any U in conduct. Remember, you are the role models and quality of your character counts!

Questions?  Please contact NJHS Advisor:

Mr. Heron

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NJHS National Website
PWC NJHS Regulation - updated June 12, 2019