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Virtual School House:

Students and Parents,

Math has designated "office hours" on Tuesdays from 12:00-1:30.  I will always be available by email throughout the week, but during this time I will get back to you as soon as possible. Our instructional block will be on Wednesday from 8:30-10:00. All of the lessons will be a review of the concepts we have already learned this year. I have folders for 8th grade and 6th grade with activities and videos that students can do during that time (or really whenever they want). None of the assignments will be graded. The folder is located on my school page under "Files and Documents" and is labeled "Virtual School House ". In addition, students will still have the opportunity to retake any assignment from the 3rd marking period if they would like to improve their grade. The 3rd marking period will end next Friday, April 24th. My email address is listed above if you have any questions. Stay safe!

8th Grade Schedule:

Date Lesson Topic
 4/15  3rd Quarter Review
 4/22  3rd Quarter Review
 4/29  Expressions
 5/6  Equations
5/13   Inequalities
 5/20  Slope & Y-Intercept
 5/27  Functions
 6/3  TBD
 6/10  TBD

6th Grade Schedule:
Activities will be added weekly.
*Mistake on warmup week of 4/13/20-The second question for Wednesday should be 5/12 not 5/9.

Other Home Learning Resources:
Clever will give you access to IXL, the Big Ideas Math Online Textbook, and Khan Academy

SOL Pass- (e-mail me for log-in information)
BrainPop-  (e-mail me for log-in information)
PWCS Home Learning-

Standards/Concepts already taught:
8th Grade:

  • 8.1 Ordering and Comparing Rational Numbers
  • 8.2 Real Numbers
  • 8.3 Square Roots
  • 8.4 Proportional Reasoning
  • 8.6 Volume and Surface Area
  • 8.9 Pythagorean Theorem
  • 8.10 Area and Perimeter
  • 8.13 Scatter Plots
  • 8.14a Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
  • 8.14b Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
  • 8.15 Relations and Functions
  • 8.16 Graphing Functions
  • 8.17 Multi-Step Equations
  • 8.18 Multi-Step Inequalities

Standards/Concepts not taught:

  • 8.11 Probability
  • 8.12 Box Plots
  • 8.5 Angles
  • 8.7 Transformations
  • 8.8 3-D Models

6th Grade:

Standards/Concepts already taught:

  • 6.1 Ratios
  • 6.12 Proportions
  • 6.2 Compare and Order Rational Numbers
  • 6.3 Compare and Order Rational Numbers
  • 6.4 Exponents
  • 7.1abd Exponents/Perfect Squares
  • 6.5abc Operations involving Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • 6.6 Integer Operations
  • 7.2 Integer Operations
  • 6.7 Circles
  • 6.8 Coordinate Plane
  • 6.9 Regular Polygons
  • 6.13 Equations
  • 7.12 Equations
  • 6.14 Inequalities
  • 7.13 Inequalities

 Standards/Concepts not taught:

  • 6.10 Circle Graphs
  • 6.11 Balance Point
  • 7.1ce Compare and Order Rational Numbers
  • 7.2 Practical Problems
  • 7.6 Quadrilaterals
  • 7.9 Histograms


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