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Students, Parents and Guardians,
I hope you are all safe, happy and well.  Please continue to follow updates on: .   I can not believe this is our last week of school!  Friday, June 12th is our LAST day!!  

**Our last zoom session to say goodbye is Wednesday, June 10th from 830-10am. Please pop in at any time to celebrate this strange school year.  I would love to see your face for any part of it.  I will have a message for each of you.  😊  **

Wendy O'Brien is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 8th grade math-last meet up

Time: Jun 10, 2020 08:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 876 4828 8876

Password: 0DgWGi

I wanted to take this time to wish the best of luck to all 8th graders.  You will be missed next year.  I hope you all enjoy high school.  This is your time to shine! They are so lucky to be gaining such a great group of students!  Benton will miss you all!

Check out the “useful links” section on our page to find online resources for practicing mathematics at home. Continue to keep up your math skills through the summer.  I will maintain this page as well as be available if you find that you need some additional resources this summer. (no promises how quick I may get back to you after June 15th) BUT I will try my very best to get this information to you quick!
 Remember to use your "functional math" as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need me!  I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know all of you.  Thank you so much for opening your hearts and minds.  I wish nothing but the best for all.  I am sad that we did not get a more formal goodbye.  Stay in touch and stay healthy. 

Best wishes,

Ms. O’Brien

Virtual class expectations:

1.  Anyone disruptive or disrespectful to classmates or Ms. O'Brien may be asked to leave.  
2.  Due to our virtual setting we all need to take turns speaking. This can be hard to do especially when stuck at home.  I GET IT!  Please be mindful as Zoom will be like Face time or Skype and if two people speak at once it will cancel both out.
3. Due to our virtual setting, we all need to practice some flexibility.  Such as, I have a 5 year old.  She "shouldn't" interrupt us but we are all adjusting to many changes and challenges.  Just like you all may have siblings or parents that may communicate during our class. We all need to exercise support, kindness and flexibility at this time so that we can all catch up, benefit from learning in this format and fully utilize our time together.  
4.  If you need to use the restroom, grab a snack whatever during our time together just do so.. There is a mute and an option  to close your video.  You do not need to ask permission to do so.  This class will naturally be more casual because we are all at home. However, all school rules still apply.
5.  There is a chat available. if you do not need/want all your classmates to hear a question please message me through that option.  I expect all chat between students during the class to be appropriate. 

I will edit and add as needed. 

I will continue to post here and send emails/zoom invitations on the following weeks assignments based on the student's feedback and needs at this time.  

For those that want to know... what am I or my student supposed to be doing?
1.  You should be focusing on health. Physical and Mental. 
2.Practice math/ functional life skills math.

 Please continue to reach out as needed whether it be for an educational or personal need.  I miss all of you! 


Using a calendar

Using a calculator (download the APP Desmos)

Using a rule or tape measure

Anything to do with money, counting, spending, making change.

Finding area and perimeter

Measuring- cooking/baking, use liquids and solids to make it sensory and experience the differences

Using a checkbook, noting the debits and credits.


Money war


Uno (the kiddos favorite)

Phase 10

Class Schedule:                                             


Period 1


Period 2


Period 3

Pre-Algebra (Ms. Johnson)

 Lunch C  

Period 4

Pre-Algebra (Ms. Johnson)

Period 5

Small group 

Period 6

Small group

Period 7

Math Support
















End of the year grades are coming soon!  If you have any questions regarding, please send me an email.  If you haven't been receiving emails from me please email me at   so that I can add you to my email contact list.