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Civics Virtual Classroom

Class Time: Fridays, 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Office Hours: Mondays, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Class time and office hours are conducted through Zoom unless otherwise noted.

Please find all classwork under the "Classwork" under Files and Documents.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding retakes or improvement of grades.

Late Work During Extended Closure

Any students who would like to complete late work while we are out of school may submit it via PWCS Office365. Students should share the files with me so I can view and grade them.

If an assignment is marked NHI and you believe it has already been handed in, please let me know so I can check through the materials I was able to take with me when I left Benton on 3/13.

Presidential Campaign Assignment: The details for this assignment are available in the Political Processes folder under "Files and Documents." Please refer to those materials.

Crime to Punishment Assignment: For this assignment, students are to create a fictional story/news piece/cartoon/creative product in which all 9 of the steps in the crime to punishment process are used in order. Students must use ALL of the nine steps, and must show that they understand what each of them mean. Simply listing the 9 steps will not receive full credit.

Economic Systems Advertisement Poster: Must include - 1) Name of the economic system (one of the 4 we learned about), 2) a logo or symbol, 3) who makes production decisions in that economic system, 4) three things about that economic system you want to promote, and 5) two reasons why it is better than the others.

Economics Practice Sheet: You may have seen something with this label in the gradebook. As practical matter, only 6th and 7th periods completed this assignment, as it was during testing and our schedule was thrown off. If you would like you student to complete this assignment to help improve their grade, I have uploaded the document on the  Files and Documents page. Students should be able to answer all of the questions directly on the word document.

Standards/Material Already Learned
Students have already learned material for Virginia Civics/Economics up through CE12 A, B, E, and F. In 1st Quarter, we learned Standards CE 2-4,  and in 2nd Quarter we learned Standards CE 5-10. In 3rd Quarter, we continued CE 5 and had gotten through CE 11 and part of 12, but not to standards CE12 C and D when we left Benton, and Standards 13 and 14 were outstanding completely. We teach the skills under standard CE 1 throughout the year. Study guides for all units are available under the Files and Documents section of this webpage.My plan at present is to introduce material for CE 14 later in the Spring. A review of vocabulary terms is available on my Quizlet page here.

Enrichment/Review Opportunities
I have uploaded several audio-enabled virtual lessons via Power Point in a folder labelled "Virtual Lessons" under Files and Documents. They are also available on YouTube for those who do not have access to Microsoft software (links in the table below). These presentations cover material from CE12 we did not get to prior to closure, as well as CE13. Material for CE14 will be forthcoming shortly, and I plan to upload additional support resources aligned to these lessons soon.

SOL Standard
 CE 12 C
 Types of Businesses
 CE 12 D
 Economic Circular Flow
 CE 13 A, E
 Government and the Economy
 CE 13 B
 Public Goods and Services
 CE 13 C
 CE 13 D, F
 The Federal Reserve and Money

I would also recommend students use the review activities at Please let me know if it asks you for a password. I will provide additional material for students in the coming weeks.

Quizizz Reviews
Please find below a series of Quizizz review games on our different units from throughout the year. These codes will remain active until May 28. The URL to access these is
CE2 - Principles and Documents - 711692
CE3/4 - Citizenship - 525556
CE5 - Political Processes - 191361
CE6 - US Government Structure - 258750
CE7 - Federalism/Virginia Government Structure -
CE8 - Local Government - 691783

CE9 - Court Systems - 237388

CE10 - Public Policy - 249768

CE11 - Economics  - 734895

CE12 - Economics  - 452434

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