Ms. Feliciano

Announcement: 05.28.2020
Spanish 1 Project-Optional

PWCS states that in order to ensure that the final grade presents the level of a student’s achievement and progress, the final yearly grade may be modified by the teacher to improve the student’s grade when student’s performance over time is not accurately represented. The OPTIONAL project is uploaded separately under the FILES AND DOCUMENTS section labeled: OPTIONAL Spanish 1 project. 
The project is due no later than June 8th, 2020 in order to provide enough time for grading and provided request to change the year-end grade. A rubric will be used and is also attached so that students can understand how their work was graded with feedback. Anyone that submits the written work will also be required to have a one-on-one interview with the teacher to grade their speaking ability for a better overall assessment of the student’s abilities and mastery of the language. Remember that for anyone interested you are given the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the use of the language.

Announcements: May 26 -29

The activities posted for this week are a review on verbs. I will be available on Microsoft teams this Friday from 12:30-1:30 if you want to clarify concepts or want to practice. It is optional and it is not a class. We will meet again on Monday. June 1st  at 9:30 a.m.

Take care and be healthy!

Señora Feliciano

Announcement:  Week March 23 to March 27

Parents and Students,

Hope you are staying healthy. The focus of our World Languages department at Benton Middle School at this time is to allow our students to complete any work or make grade improvements to existing grades for Q3 in the gradebook. You will be able to locate a folder directed to materials that are needed in our FILES AND DOCUMENTS section in our class pages. Any work can be scanned and emailed to the teacher directly by April 14th. 

Beginning next week, the World Language teachers will begin offering optional material to provide our students will additional practice in what we have learned throughout this year. Each week, we will focus on a new chapter of learning from the first week of class through our current units of study. You will find this material either through our class pages under FILES AND DOCUMENTS with a folder labeled per week of study, or in TEAMS using your Office 365 accounts.

Our weekly optional activities will provide opportunities to practice that will include examples for writing, reading, listening, and oral presentations using various online resources.

                        For writing/ grammar: EMC textbook (follow instructions below)

                        For listening: Audiolingua

                        For oral presentation: Google voice or TEAMS chat

                        For reading: materials will be posted in the weekly folder of the class   page

At the end of each week, the teacher will post an answer key for students to check their learning with any essential vocabulary that may be needed for understanding.

Please remember-that the students have access to the textbook online. I will update the USEFUL LINKS tab on our class page with the link to the EMC textbook and other resources.

Directions  to access online textbook:

When you get to the screen that asks for the login the username is your office 365 email address. Once you enter that, click on “forgot my password”. Some of you may have already changed your password and if you know it, enter it. EMC will send you and email to reset the password to the office 365 email. Open it and change your password. I suggest the one you use with the school email to help you remember it.

Reach out to us if you have any difficulties and we will do our best to help answer any questions.

Please take care and stay healthy. 

Señora Feliciano