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Gregory Oaks

 Benton Band 6/2/2020,

Good morning everyone. 

This is our last day of virtual activities before we adjourn for the summer.  I have decided to post two links that contain previous activities giving you the choice of picking a past activity that you feel would be the best use of your time.  Pick one or two things that we did in the past that you feel would be the most help to you.  For drummers, please watch the videos on bongos and drumset. 
I want to wish everyone a great summer.  Thank you all who have participated in the activities that I posted for you.  Although this is not the same as having "live" band at school, I hope that this has helped you in some way to learn some things that you did not already know.  It is very different for me to interact with you in this way but I tried to give you some things that would be meaningful to you.
I look forward to actually seeing you all again this fall as we resume being a band.  Please be sure to play this summer so that you don't get out of shape and try to do some things this summer that you enjoy with your families.

Be safe and I'll see you all again in the fall.  I love you all.

Mr. Oaks