Mrs. Pratt


 June 2, 2020

Hi 1526 Family,
We are getting there!  I hope you are still working on your personal journals. I am looking forward to reading or seeing some of your work.
Just in case you didn't get to finish last week's assignment, I'll leave it up.  The lesson was giving  you an opportunity to edit and revise activities on IXL (7th grade N and 8th grade O) in the Language Arts section.
Perhaps, I can invite you to practice your skills by writing a story about a favorite character you have seen or would like to develop in a video game or YouTube video. Feel free to draw a picture of your writing.

New options:  6th grade math on IXL 6B Multiplication

8th grade can  try the Constitution, Legal System, and Citizenship found on 6DD, EE, AND FF. 
8th math-IXL 8B and C

Zoom Class Meeting: Wednesday at 10:00.  The information was sent to you and your parents via email.

Please feel free to contact me via email for help or support M-TH from 9-12.

Missing you much,
--Mrs. Pratt