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Civics and Econ. 8

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Civics and Econ. 8


Lunch D: 11:53-12:18

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Civics and Econ. 8

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Civics and Econ. 8

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Civics and Econ. 8











Mrs. James's instructional block: Fridays, from 8:30-10:00 am

Mrs. James's office hours: Mondays, from 12:00-1:30 pm


Final class - June 12

Please join me for a final Civics class tomorrow morning, June 12, at 9 am.  This is a combined Zoom meeting for all classes, and the information for the meeting was emailed out on 6/11.  This may serve, for many of you, as the final class of the year - I hope to see you all there!!
Results - Quizizz Civics Challenge

Congratulations to Jacob M. for winning the Quizizz Civics challenge this past week!  Other top scorers, to include second attempts, include: Cyrus K., Ava B., Yassine L., Josh H., Hunter H., and Ethan M.!  If you would like to try the quizizz, I have uploaded a paper copy to the Files and Documents section and would be happy to "grade" it for you for feedback!  Great job everyone!
Questions About Life Day - 6/5/2020

If you have not yet fully participated in our optional Zoom classes, next Friday, 6/5, would be a great class to join!  Questions About Life Day is driven by your curiosity - What confuses you?  What do you want to know more about?  What concerns you?  During our class meeting on Friday, June 5, your questions will be answered!

By 5 pm on Thursday, 6/4, send me an email with any question(s) you have about life.  The only limitation is that your question(s) must be school appropriate.  I am not planning to announce who submits each question, so feel free to ask what you are truly curious about.  Below are some topics I have covered in past years based on student questions; see if you have similar questions!
- Relationships
- Travel
- Money (what are taxes?)
- Jobs (how do I get one?)
- My best piece of advice on _____________________
- Mrs. James (best day of my life, how my husband and I got engaged, biggest regret)
- Adult Life (best/worst thing about being an adult)
- School (how do I apply for college? What if I go in undecided? How do I survive freshman year?)
- Which is better? (This movie or this movie, etc.)
- and so much more! (feel free to ask about the pandemic, too - we all have questions!)

I do not pretend to be an expert on life - if I don't know the answer to your question, I will not lie to you!  That is a disservice to you.  I will, however, do my best to help you find the answer!

I look forward to seeing your questions - the ones I've already received are great! - and to our freeform class Friday 6/5!

Tomorrow, 5/29, we will have a combined Civics class Zoom meeting.  See the email sent 5/28 for the meeting information.

The activity for the day is a Civics Quizizz challenge!  Brush up on your content and see if you can win this competition between you and your peers!  Go to "Join a Game" on and type in the code: 0256626.  The code expires at 11 am on 5/29, and you only have one chance to win!  Don't forget to use at least your first name and last initial in your username so I can determine the winner!

Another update will be sent on Friday, 5/29, with the information regarding next week's Questions About Life Day.   Stay tuned for more info!
What to do if you are done with the Get a Life Project:
If you have already finished the Get a Life activity, you can certainly do one or more of the following:
1.  Write a letter with 3-4 pieces of advice for next year's 8th graders (I would love it if we had everyone do this!!)
- The document and instructions for this activity can be found under Files and Documents in the "*Virtual Schoolhouse" folder
2.  Play a game (like "Do I Have a Right?" and "Win the White House") on
3.  Create your own review game or project idea for a past unit (including answers)

Remember, all of these are optional!
Virtual Schoolhouse Schedule:
Each Thursday - students will receive the Zoom meeting information for the following day, and the link(s) for the activity

Each Friday - students will meet for a Zoom call (10-15 minutes long - see schedule below), and complete the activity for the day

3rd period: 8:30-8:45
4th period: 8:45-9:00
5th period: 9:00-9:15
6th period: 9:15-9:30
7th period: 9:30-9:45

Proposed schedule:
5/15/20 - Entertainment (and food) section
5/22/20 - last page
5/29/20 - Civics Quizizz Competition (code will be sent out separately)
6/5/20 - Questions About Life Day
6/12/20 - TBD - Last Day of School!

Remember, all of this is optional - your primary concern is to take care of you and your family!  If you choose to participate for the last few weeks, however, I believe you'll find that the last few activities are a bit more interactive and student-driven :)
Hello wonderful Civics parents and students,

Please see my new virtual schoolhouse instructional block and office hours schedule above.

Instructional Blocks:
I will meet briefly with each class for 10-15 minutes on Zoom primarily as an optional check-in and to answer questions.  Log-ins for the Zoom meetings will be given on Thursdays.  After the check-in, the instructions for an activity will be given verbally and listed on my class page under Files and Documents, in a new section called "Virtual Schoolhouse". Therefore, the first part of the block will be a check-in with us together simultaneously, while the second will be independent (something you can complete on your own time).  I do not anticipate the instructional blocks lasting all 90 minutes; I am purposefully designing the activities to be short and relatable. 

Office Hours:
For at least the first office hours block, I will be available via Zoom.  Information for that meeting will be sent out on Friday.  Also, I am not restricted to these hours - if you have a question outside of the instructional block and office hours, all you have to do is email me!

As people ask what we are doing for the rest of the year, our first activity, which will occur over 6 Friday blocks, is the Get a Life Project which we typically complete at the end of each school year.  This activity is extremely practical, and will allow students to budget aspects of their adult lives (which is only in 4 short years!!) based on a job they want.

Other resources students can use during this time for review include the following:
- current events!

As we move forward with our virtual schoolhouse, please know that I (and the rest of your BTMS staff!) will be continuing to support you as you remain at home, start with your new (optional) schedules, and most importantly, stay safe and healthy!  If you need to contact me, please don't hesitate to send me an email ( - listed above as well).

We miss you!!!