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Have a great Summer and stay active!  Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and enjoy the summer with your friends and family.


Home Workout in your Living Room or Outside (If weather permits)
Challenge a sibling or family member to do it with you; Talk them through each exercise if they need help.  Remember try to limit the down time in between exercises and try your 
best!  Do these up to 3 times a week.

*15 Jumping Jacks
*10 Ski Jumps
*Balance on Right for 10 Seconds
*Balance on Left Foot for 10 Seconds
*15 Push Ups 
*15 Sit Ups 
*Stretch to the Right Foot 10 Seconds
*Stretch to the Left Foot 10 Seconds
*Stretch Down the Middle for 10 Seconds
*Butterfly Groin Stretch for 10 Seconds
*Cardio 10-15 Minutes (Jump Rope, Run, Bike, Play Sports)


I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing well.  Please stay active during this time in a healthy and safe manor.  Check out the "Virtual School" folder for activities, workout logs, and ideas to stay fit!  

*Keep an eye on county website for updates. 

*Note the activities listed as examples on the fitness log need to be approved by your parents concerning the social distancing protocol in effect.

Stay Healthy!

Grades: There are no new curriculum grades to be given. The last curriculum date was 3/13/20. The above fitness log assignment is to help improve your 3rd marking period grade. It is due 4/20/20 - no late entries.
The end of the 3rd marking period is 4/24/20. If you decide not to do the fit log and turn it in, the grade you have in the grade book now will be your 3rd marking period grade. 

Schedule: As you know it is very important to exercise daily for 60 mins at your age. The schedule given by administration is PE exercises Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 30 mins.
These exercise sessions can be logged on your optional fitness log.

My office hours are on Mondays from 1:30PM to 3:00PM. 

It's getting warmer outside - Be creative - think of some safe (social distancing) outdoor/indoor physical activities you can participate in. Jogging, walking, basketball shooting, gardening, calisthenics, stretching, etc...

-Check the "Document Container" and "useful links" to your upper left for useful information.

About Coach Hoover

Coach Hoover is in his 3rd year as a HPE Teacher for PWCS.  
Hoover also serves as the Boy's Lacrosse Varsity Head Coach at Forest Park High School.  


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