Girls Track                       

          Instructor: Coach Raymond   


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Team Announcements

Girls track tryouts will be for 3 days from 3-5 o’clock on the Benton Track. (click here & scroll down for try out dates)

At the last school bell, students who are trying out, will report to the girls locker room to dress in appropriate athletic attire – athletic shorts/sweat pants – tee shirt/sweat shirt – (depending on weather)athletic shoes and socks. They will also need to bring a water bottle with their name on it.

Tryouts are for students only.

***A physical form filled out by a doctor (dated after last May 1 --and given to the front office @ Benton) will be needed before tryouts begin.

***Each student with a parent/guardian will need to have concussion training. If you attended a session last school year then you can do the training online @ https://online-concussion.pwcs.edu/. There will be a slide show to watch and print out a certificate at the end. This certificate will need to be turned in to the front office at Benton before students can tryout.

***If either of these forms are not turned in before tryouts the student will not be permitted to tryout.

Parents/Guardians please pick your daughters up each day after tryouts by 5:20PM in the faculty parking lot on the right as you approach the school.

We look forward to a SUPER season!

Team Contacts

Raymond, Geoff
Email: raymongl@pwcs.edu

Lubold, Julie
Email: luboldje@pwcs.edu