Welcome to GEMS Club!

Sponsor: Annette Spearman

Hello, I am so sorry that our year was cut short before we could at least had one more field trip and an end of year celebration. 

However, I have been looking at some things to post on here for you guys. I have been watching WJLA and looking at the at-home activities from Ryan Miller. He is a meteorologist and a science teacher. 
Here is the link to his at-home activities if you want to see some fun things to do at home and he provides daily lessons that are great. 

Welcome to GEMS 2019-20. I am very excited to work with your girls this year.

GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) clubs were started in 1994 to encourage girls to pursue education and careers in all STEM fields.

Laser Quest field trip was amazing. The girls had a great time with the leadership activity and playing laser tag.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb 25. Please check out out pictures from the year thus far. I hope the girls are having an amazing time. I enjoy working with them.