Zoom Information for Students & Parents
Zoom For Continuous Learning

What Is Zoom And How Can It Be Used To Support Learning?

Zoom is a video-conferencing platform that teachers can use to host their classes online in real-time. Our division Zoom license has robust security controls and an expanded feature set, which can be used to facilitate engaging and interactive learning experiences. 

Here are some of the security features of Zoom:

  • All participants are clearly identified by their name when joining a Zoom room.
  • Participants enter a waiting room when they first join a meeting and must be admitted by the teacher. 
  • Zoom sessions can only be recorded by the teacher. 
  •  All student participants  authenticate their Zoom account with their PWCS Office 365 account.
  • Students can set their own background to keep their environment private.

If you have a school-issued device, or you have the Zoom desktop app installed on your personal device, PC/Mac.  Please follow these directions to ensure your Zoom app is up-to-date so that it is functioning correctly. 

The first document is best to use when you are already logged into the Zoom app.  
How to Update Zoom Desktop App

The second document is best to use when you need to check for a quick update and/or adjust Zoom settings without having to be logged into the app.
Quick Guide for Zoom Updates & Settings

Setting up your Zoom account and accessing Zoom through Canvas

Grades 3-12 Students

 There are 3 options for activating your account in Zoom.  You only need to activate your account using one of these options.

Option 1
  1. Open the Chrome browser and go to  zoom.us.
  2. Click "SIGN IN" in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click “Sign in with SSO.”Screenshot of Zoom account set up

Type in the company domain: pwcs-zm-edu  and click "Continue".   Sign in with  your Office 365 Email (same as Canvas and StudentVUE).  
pwcs zoom image of url site
Click Open when prompted to return to Zoom.

Option 2
Activating your Zoom account  through Office 365 (PDF)
Option 3
Joining a Zoom Class Meeting from Canvas (PDF)

Zoom Informational Videos:

PWCS Zoom Setting Up your Account-

PWCS Zoom Setting Up Your Account (Spanish version)-

Zoom Set-Up from a Computer or Device: