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Hello, Benton Families/Cougars & Welcome back to the Building for 21-22 School Year!

This will be my 12th year in the county and 4th year at Benton. I received my BSN in nursing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and have a minor in Psychology.  I have two boys that graduated from PWCS and are now in college and the last son is a Junior at Colgan. The girls in the family include our 8-month-old Boxer/Pibble Mix and a 6 yr old Pibble/Mix. Our family LOVES the outdoors...hiking, biking, boating and going to sporting events. 
There is a lot of health information on the website (just click on the underline links), but if you have any specific questions, please send me an email at and I'll be happy to respond.

Vaccination Requirements Immunization Requirements

The Virginia Department of Health requires tdap and meningitis vaccines for 7th graders to be registered for school, regardless if your child is In-Person or a Virtual Learner.  Due to the mass number of students who are non-compliant due to the Pandemic, this requirement has been extended until January 6, 2022. ALL immunizations MUST be received BEFORE January 6, 2022 for your child to continue with classes. Please make appointments now, as they will be sure to fill up quickly!

School immunization records are not automatically updated when students receive vaccines.  The system does NOT notify me when you upload vaccines to ParentVue =( Please ask for a hard copy to provide to the school EVERYTIME your child receives a new vaccine. You can scan/email it  to me at For those that already emailed me, I am working as diligently as possible to get a response back to you via email, but this will take some time, as MANY records are missing due to the pandemic. ***

***If you are still receiving notifications that your child is missing one of the required vaccines, please contact me at or 703-791-0727***


Now, more than ever, we want to ensure that all of our kids are adequately immunized!


PWCS School Health Physical/Immunization Information



EVERYTHING you need to know about the School Health Program and role of the School Nurse can be found at 
 Office of Student Health Services



Nurse MaskCOVID-19 Info 

Stay Home When Ill and Be Prepared to Quarantine


Everyone must be prepared to stay home and quarantine for up to two weeks if you become ill with or are exposed to COVID-19 or was deemed a close contact of someone who is having symptoms that COULD be related to COVID. We know being quarantined for two weeks will be extremely challenging, but it is absolutely necessary to stop the spread of the virus. Make a PLAN, as COVID will undoubtedly affect us all at some point. PLEASE make sure that you having working contact numbers of where you can be reached during the school day, should your student become ill. Also, have a "Plan B" if you cannot get to the school quickly, as we simply can not keep students in the isolation room for an extended period. Anyone picking up the student must be listed on the Emergency Card and show a valid ID before the student will be released to them. 

If your child IS asked to quarantine because of being a close contact, PWCS follows VA Department of Health guidance which reads

Parents/Guardians-- Your child has been exposed to someone who has symptoms that could be related to COVID-19. Based on the VA department of Health algorithm, your student must remain at home and quarantine for 14 days after the last day of exposure. If unable to quarantine for 14 days, 10 days of quarantine is permitted as long as no symptoms develop.
You may also opt to have your child tested for the COVID 19 virus. If you do so ON or AFTER day 5 of the exposure, and the test is negative, your child may return after day 7 of quarantine is complete. If you decide to test, please contact the nurse to make the nurse aware of your plan to return early, so she can change the quarantine dates before your child arrives at school. Please provide a copy of the negative test to the school prior to your child's return. 

*****If the school receives a negative COVID test from the student who was symptomatic, you will be contacted and your student will be released from quarantine*****


PLEASE READ... PWCS Health Mitigation Protocols for more info

ALL health treatment plans must be renewed annually and can be found at the bottom of this page. Please print a copy and take it with you for the Provider to complete during your child's evaluation. Make a copy of the completed plan for yourself and email a copy to to me and I will make sure that your child's team is aware of the plan.

      ***In addition to the health treatment plan, Please remember to fill out a medication form FOR EACH medication that your child will need to take during the school day***


Click HERE for Revised Diabetic Treatment Plan with BAQSIMI (Word Doc)


Click HERE for regulation 757-4 regarding Administering Medication Form
Click HERE to view Medication Administration Regulation

***School personnel cannot administer ANY medication without having the appropriate documentation signed by the parent, on file in the clinic. All prescription medication must also be signed by the ordering provider.

***An adult must personally deliver the medications to the school nurse.
Medications may not be sent in with the student. 

*** All medication (prescription & over-the-counter MUST be in an unopened, original container and will be kept in the clinic. It should be provided in the smallest quantity possible, as space is very limited.


Click HERE for regulation  757-7 regarding Epileptic Seizures.
Remember to also complete the Parent Questionnaire, along with the Seizure Treatment Plan 


Click HERE for regulation 759-1 for Concussion Management.


View Regulation 757-5 for Asthma Medications to Students Form

action plan

Click HERE for Virginia Asthma Action Plan Form

Food Allergies

Click HERE for Regulation 757-2 Food Allergy Treatment Plan

Please complete ALL attachments

Tube Feeding

Click HERE For Regulation 757-3 Management of student with Health Treatment Plans 
Tube Feeding (attachments 1,3,5 &6) & Catheterization (attachments 1,2 & 6)

Sports Physicals

Click HERE for Sports Physical
***Please, Make a copy for yourself and submit the original copy to the Athletic Trainer, Devon Trieschock