Welcome to Benton MS!  If you need to register or withdraw your student please email our Registrar Jackie Gibson directly at gibsonjx@pwcs.edu.  

Please remember:
Only natural parents or legal guardians with proper documents from the court may register students and will need to submit the following:

  • Proof of residence within Benton's boundaries. Email deed, title, or lease agreement.
    • Additionally, please provide 2 supporting documents with your new address such as drivers license, car registration, utility bill or utility hook up paperwork, personal property tax bill, voter ID, pay stub, bank statement or other documentary evidence of similar reliability. R711-3
  • Original birth certificate - R723-2
  • Immunizations  R723-6
  • Final or last report card 
  • Name, telephone, fax and mailing address of last school attended
  • Special Programming information (IEP, 504, gifted)
  • Standardized test scores
  • Recommendations for scheduling from last school
If you are new to Prince William County please use the link below to complete a registration:

If you have moved within the county and need to do an address change:
Please contact the student's current school so they can withdraw the student.  Once the student has been withdrawn you will need to submit a registration online.  You can use the link below:

Please contact Jackie Gibson (Registrar) at gibsonjx@pwcs.edu if you have any additional questions.