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Benton MS Clubs 2020-21    

* This list is not all encompassing. Look for new opportunities throughout the year.

**All clubs will be virtual until conditions allow in person participation.

ASL Club: This club will provide a fun, interactive, and enriching environment to help students learn the basics of American Sign Language and more about the Deaf culture. Each meeting will have a new topic from family to animals. Instruction will include spoken words as we all as sign. Students will also engage in breakout activities to help establish connections with deaf acquaintances through practice of basic conversational skills. The club will meet every third and fourth Tuesday of the month. The size of this club is limited in the virtual world due to the nature of needing one-on-one time with each student. Students will be selected to participate on a first come, first served basis.

Initial Meeting on Tuesday, 10/13, at 3:15pm. Email club sponsors Ms. Stanley or Mr. Zourzoukis, at or, to get the meeting link.


Battle of the Books: Battle of the Books is a student driven club in which the students read 15-20 books. They meet and discuss the books and questions that enhance understanding and comprehension of the books. They then compete with surrounding middle schools based on questions from those books! This year we will meet virtually to compete. Excellent team building skills, cooperation, and love of reading are united. Come and enjoy!

Interest meeting on Thursday, 10/8. Club sponsors- Ms. Hilliard and Ms. Murray. Complete this form to get interest meeting information.


Benton Buddies: Look for more info soon!


Cougar Chamber Orchestra: Look for more info in November

Dance Team: Our Benton dance team will kick the season off with virtual tryouts during the week of October 12th. Our dance team celebrates diversity in style of music and dance when performing at our athletic events. Get ready to make memories and form friendships!

Tryouts begin Tuesday, 10/13. Email club sponsor, Ms. Pittman, at, to get the permission slip and additional information about tryouts.  


Dungeons and Dragons Club: This club revolves around the tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. Students will create characters and collaborate on a story created by the group leader, aka Dungeon Master. The player’s handbook (5th edition) contains the guidelines for creating a story and creating characters. The biggest difference between how we meet in person versus virtually will be the platform. Instead of playing at a table, we will be using Zoom and digital dice rolls. If you are a returning player and would like to run your own game, reach out to Ms. Murray with your story idea!

Interest Meeting on Tuesday, 10/6 at 3:00pm. Club sponsors- Ms. Murray, Mr. Damanda, Mr. Coots. Fill out this form to get the meeting Zoom link!


Family and Consumer Sciences Club: Family and Consumer Sciences Club will be enhancing student’s knowledge and experiences learned in class. We will go more in depth with cooking and baking skills. In the virtual world, the club sponsor is hoping to show students how to prepare various simple recipes that can be made at home.  

Informational Meeting on Tuesday, 10/6, at 3:00pm. Email club sponsor, Ms. Mills, at for the meeting link.


GEMS: GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) Club in the virtual world will include activities, experiments, games, and virtual field trips. The group will also discuss having guests and other ideas students may want to contribute. The group will meet on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 3:15.

Informational Meeting on Monday, 10/26, at 3:15pm. Email club sponsor, Ms. Spearman, at for the meeting link.


Green Team Club- Open to all students, the Benton Green Team is a club for those who are interested in helping to preserve the Earth’s environment. We work with the PWCS Office of Energy Management, doing activities where students learn about sustainability. This year’s club will meet virtually, October-May, with a different theme each month.

Informational Meeting on Thursday, 10/22, at 3:00pm. Email club sponsor, Mr. Deane, at for the meeting link.


MathCounts: Benton’s MathCounts Club started the first year the school was open, 2001. Meetings will be on Zoom every Tuesday except for Thanksgiving week and winter break. Each week, students will be sent problems to work on. Students will use available resources to solve the problems with a focus on learning the math, not just finding the answers. PWCS high school students will be helping students throughout the year.

First Meeting on Tuesday, 9/29, at 3:00pm. Email club sponsors, Ms. Geisler or Ms. Bastian, at or, for the meeting link.


Military Pride Club: The Benton Military Pride Club is a school-based club for students with family members serving in the military as well as students who want to show their support for our nation’s military members and their families. The MPC meets after school on the 2nd Monday of the month at 3:00pm. Past activities have included field trips to the Marine Corps Museum and the White House. We also participate in parades and service projects like wreath-laying ceremonies.

Informational Meeting on Monday, October 26th at 3:00pm. Club sponsors- Ms. Edwards, Ms. Benson, Ms. Keller. Email Ms. Edwards at for the meeting link.


No Place for Hate: The No Place for Hate committee is an ant-bias awareness program that helps create and sustain an inclusive school environment where all students feel valued and accepted. During our meetings, lessons will be shared about diversity, acceptance and helping students empower themselves. Club members will be responsible for helping to plan 3 awareness activities through the school year, geared towards getting the entire school community involved. Students will learn to communicate openly and respectfully in a judgment free zone. This will be a great opportunity to build friendships and leadership skills! One of the best parts of this committee will be the opportunity to discover that YOU can make a difference in your school and that YOU matter.

Interest meeting on Thursday, 10/15, at 3:15pm. Please contact club sponsors, Ms. Heino at, or Mr. Zourzoukis at for the Zoom link or more information.


Robotics: More info to come on 10/5. Email club sponsor, Ms. Maurer, at if you have any questions about our upcoming Robotics season.


Sit-n-Knit: Would you like to learn how to knit? To crochet? We will teach you! Already know how to knit and crochet? We will teach you a new project! Just when you thought you didn’t know what to give people for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays….we have ideas! Sit and talk with friends and be more creative than you ever thought you could. 

Interest Meeting on Wednesday, 10/7. Club sponsor- Ms. Hilliard. Complete this form to get interest meeting information.

Spelling Bee Club: The Spelling Bee Club is perfect for students who want to prepare for this year’s Spelling Bee, and for students who just love words! We will learn about roots, word origins and language patterns as well as have practice competitions. The club will meet virtually on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Interest Meeting- Tuesday, October 6th at 3:00pm. Email club sponsor, Ms. Morse, at, for the meeting link.


Student Council Association (SCA): More info to come!


Yearbook Club: We design, promote, and sell the Benton Middle School yearbook. Students will take pictures, attend events, and collaborate to create a time capsule that will let them forever remember their time at Benton. This year will look a little different, as most of our clubs will be virtual. Our main job will be to collect pictures and create pages to memorialize this unique year. It will require hard work, patience, and a full commitment to the team, but the result will be something for the kids to be truly proud of.

More info on meeting times to come. Email club Sponsor, Mr. Vincent, at, if
you are interested in joining.