Dance Team

Dance Team

Updated 6/8/2020
   Hello Dancers and Dance Families,
        We are  in the last week of school,well by standards of school would be ending  this week lol.
 I have so many wonderful memories from our dance season. As a coach on behalf of the team, I would like to wish our 8th graders moving on to high school an exciting,sad,happy,emotional send off to high school.I am so happy these wonderful ladies were apart of the dance team here at Benton Middle School. We as a team will miss each of you,but you will always be welcomed to come back and Show Me What You Got!!
  I will miss you ladies,but I know High School will be a roller coaster that will create many more awesome memories.  And yes you guys knows I am definitely letting the tears fall because y'all my dance family. I will miss you ALL.
 Jada/ Team Captain
Abigail/ Team Leader

Don't Stop Embracing  Your Power from within,Keep Doing Great Amazing things,(By Ms.Pittman☺)
BTMS  Dance Team Coach
Ms. Pittman

Updated as of 5/20/2020
  Hello Dancers and Dance families,
      I hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe. As of today 5/20/2020  I have not heard from many dancers about the end of year virtual celebration that was posted on 5/1/2020. Some are not able to access the internet to know about the Virtual party. To avoid having a virtual celebration with some not able to attend due to internet access not being available I am canceling the end of year celebration.  I will however have a surprise at 3pm on our Dance Page  5/27/2020. Stay on the look out to see what will appear :).
      As Benton Dancers you guys have been an excellent TEAM. I miss you ALL.  Stay healthy and safe.
   Please pass on the message to others to be on the lookout May 27,2020 3pm to  see what will be on our page.
  Keep smiling and Dancing
 BTMS Proud  Dance Coach 
Ms. Pittman
 stay healthy.. 😎


6th Grade Dancers

Sarah M , Hana, Ashley, Gabriella, Nora, Jaslyn, Margaret, Juliet, Kennedy, Hayden, Miley, Amelia, Sarah D, Alanna, Aniyah, Christina, & Sofia

7th Grade Dancers

Alexa,  Maya, Lauren, Victoria, Arianna, & Breanna

8th Grade Dancers

Abigail, Alayna, Jada, Reagan, Aubrey, & Emma

Team Captain: Jada
Co-Captain: Aubrey
Team Leader: Abigail
Team Leader: Maya

Contact: Ms. Pittman,