Welcome to GEMS Club!

Sponsor: Annette Spearman

Welcome to GEMS 2020-21!
I am very excited to work with your girls this year.  
GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) clubs were started in 1994 to encourage girls to pursue education and careers in all STEM fields.

If you would like to join GEMS Club, please email Annette Spearman at, for more information. 


We ar
e meeting Monday, April 19, 2021. We are going to do a some experiments using candy and some liquids.  
If you do not have supplies you are still welcome. I will do the experiments too. You can see the action and still participate. If you don't have all supplies we can substitute ingredients.  


Supplies needed:

Sprite (light carbonated

Apple juice 

Mountain Dew 

Gummi worms or bears 
Chocolate kisses 
Jolly ranchers 

See you at 3:15 on Monday, April 19,  2021. 

Please email me if you need the link at