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January 13, 2021 

Information from all-member meeting of January 12, 2021

We held a brief meeting to bring members up to date on what is going on, which sadly is not too much, given the current conditions.
Charlie Roderick, your president, gave a quick update on the committees that are currently operating:
- teacher appreciation committee
- service hour accounting committee
- membership certificate distribution committee
Mr. Ames gave an update on our outreach efforts, which are largely unsuccessful to date because of organizations' reluctance (for safety reasons) to involve young volunteers.
Mr. Heron mentioned the relationship that we typically have with the elementary schools in our area. They are generally great places for our volunteers, but so far, we have only received one request from them for assistance.
One member mentioned that he has been helping with PWC Food Rescue, which is associated with ACTS. As mentioned below in a previous post, ACTS has some volunteer opportunities, so those are worth exploring.
Another member mentioned that she helped at a clothing thrift store regularly.
In summary, Mr. Heron encouraged members to do their best to find volunteer hours, but reminded the members that there is no expectation that everyone will be able to meet the usual 50 hours this year.


Previous messages


Information on service hours - stay safe and do your best!

Given the current public health conditions and that everyone's main priority should be safety, your sponsors have no expectation that all members will be able to perform the customarily mandatory 50 hours of service within the year. Our hope is that members will make a diligent effort to find safe ways to perform service in accordance with their pledge to benefit those in need and create a better tomorrow. We are reaching out to organizations that may be able to accept help from our members, and will include their information in the Upcoming Service Opportunities section below.  We have just added information from ACTS, and hope to add more in the near future.

The details of your service are to be logged on a printed form. Until we are back in school, it will be necessary to download and print the form from here: 
Service Hours Log.
Forms can be scanned / photographed and submitted periodically via email to Mr. Heron or Mr. Ames. You can submit them as often as you would like (monthly or less frequently).


Your Officers are holding weekly meetings to brainstorm on activities that can be done this year. Volunteers are being sought for several committees. Details are in the email that was sent out today (December 11). Members interested in participating in one of those committees are asked to reply to the committee leaders as specified in the email.



Action Item for Current Members, March 31, 2020

The NJHS is encouraging all of its members to create an account with the national organization in order to keep in touch now and in future years. To do that, use the link below. Once you have created your account, the national organization will wait for your sponsors to confirm your membership. After that has occurred, your account will become active and you will have access to all the NJHS member functions. You will need the Benton affiliation number, which you can get by emailing Mr. Heron. 
Create account with national organization 


NJHS Members, watch this space for activities to earn service hours and help to improve the community!

Note - we are still researching service opportunities for this year. If any members have ideas that they can share with their fellow members, please contact Mr. Ames and let him know the details!

New service opportunities are arriving constantly, so members should make a habit of looking at this page regularly. Don't miss out on the great things that you can do for and in the community! 

Upcoming Service Opportunities

Note - NJHS members who are not yet 13 need to get permission from their parents / guardians before using signup links.

Coles Elementary School

Coles needs your help!  Ms. Hamner is setting up weekly "Zoom" tutoring sessions for Coles students who need extra help.  She is looking for NJHS students who are willing to tutor and/or read with a Coles student for 30 minutes a week.  The days and time are on the document below.  They will begin in a few weeks.  To participate and earn rewarding service hours, email Ms. Hamner (email address in document) to set-up a time and receive the Zoom information.

Coles ES Volunteer Opportunity

ACTS (Action In Community Through Service)

Review the needs in the document below. Pay particular attention to the highlighted portions. You will notice that many service opportunities will require you to be accompanied by an adult. Be sure to check with your parent / guardian before contacting ACTS.

ACTS Volunteer Opportunities

Things to remember:

Service hours:

The yearly goal is generally 50 hours. Remember to have your activity sponsor's initials and parent's signature on the form before you turn it in. If you forget the sponsor's initials, parents may also initial to verify your attendance. Forms are available in the Files section below.


You must maintain the standards by which you were inducted. 


Maintain a 3.0 cumulative average


Must not receive any U in conduct. Remember, you are the role models and quality of your character counts!

Questions?  Please contact NJHS Advisors:

Mr. Heron

Mr. Ames

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