Science Enrichment Program Curriculum


Enriched Science Program Information

The grade level curriculum that is normally taught over a period of nine weeks is taught in approximately seven weeks. This enables us to offer approximately eight weeks of enrichment throughout the year. As a reminder, this program is an in-house program, and as such, it is not considered a specialty program. This enhanced course does not appear on the student's schedule, report card or transcript. It also will not serve as a special prerequisite for an advanced sequence high school class at a later time.

Each of the four enriched Science units is developed by the grade level team. Extensions will focus on STEM while implementing further exploration through hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Sample units, with their SOL alignments, can be found below.

Please click on the following attachments to view the Enhanced Units for 6th, 7th and 8th grade Science:

6th Grade - Enriched Unit Synopsis - SAMPLE (PDF)
7th Grade - Enriched Unit Synopsis - SAMPLE (PDF)

8th Grade - Enriched Unit Synopsis - SAMPLE (PDF)

*Note* This is not a PWCS specialty program. This program is for students zoned for Benton MS and transfer students approved for valid reasons within the transfer regulation.

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